Zach is one of the secondary characters of the Disney Sky High film. He is Will's childhood friend, who has the latent ability to glow in the dark. Not much is known of his past, the powers, the names, or even the "belonging" of his parents (meaning if they are : heroes or villains). Zack, he is introduced, as a boy who is sure of himself and arrogant, but this is only a façade. Initially, we have not very clear, what is real powers are, and in fact, he is often mocked by the "villans", also in framing powers, he will be sorted with the "sidekicks" . But at the prom, he will know how to prove his worth. In fact, it will be also, thanks to him, that Will, will be able to stop Gwen. And it will prove, that to be superheroes, you do not have to have super, superpowers.

(Note: In the July 15, 2004 draft of the "Sky High" screenplay, Zach's last name is given as 'Springer'. However, it does not appear in the final film.)


Zack is 6’7” in height, he is a supposedly self-confident boy, with bleached white-blond hair.


  • (On the bus, going to school)

Will: Oh, so you don’t have your powers?
Zach: Dude, do you think I’d even show up today if that happened?... No, no no. I woke up a few minutes ago...and, BAM!
Will: That’s great, so what is it?
Zach: You’ll have to wait and see like everybody else. But it’s awesome, man. It’s awesome.

  • {At Power Placement)

Coach Boomer: Did I say you were next?
Zach: Name's Zach, Coach Boomer. Try not to drop your clipboard. [Claps his hands together, and then spreads his arms wide.]
Boomer: Any day now, superstar.
Zach: I'm doin' it.
Boomer: Doin' what?
Zach: I'm glowin'.
Boomer: I don't think so.
Zach: Well, it's easier to see in a dark room. Maybe we could turn off these lights; you could cup your hands around your eyes and look real close...
Boomer: Sidekick.
Zach: Are you sure you don't want to just...
Boomer: Sidekick! [The shout sends Zach flying off of the stage.]


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