Barron Battle is a supervillain that is never seen but was briefly mentioned.


Barron is the father of Warren Peace. He was a student at Sky High School before he became a villain, and a classmate of Steve and Josie. When they were showing Gwen and Will a yearbook picture of him, Steve commented about him saying, "Speaking of nightmares, he was the worst."

Barron was arrested by Steve and Josie Stronghold. He is currently serving a quadruple life sentence, with no chance for parole until after his third life. His crimes were never stated.


Barron Battle is never seen in the modem day, but a picture of him is shown when he was a student at Sky High. He had long frizzy black hair, large round glasses, pale skin and a large smile.

Powers & Abilities

Although it was never stated what superpowers Barron Battle had, it can be theorized that he had some form of immortality. He was given a quadruple life sentence but would not be granted parole until after his third life ended insinuating that Barron either aged slower than normal, had eternal life or could resurrect after death.

It is also possible that given his son Warren Peace is a pyrokinetic Barron could also posses this power.



[At the Stronghold house]
Steve Stronghold: Speaking of villains, there's one of the worst: Baron Battle.
Will Stronghold: Warren's dad?
Steve: Always swore he'd have his revenge on me. And he totally stole the lead in Oklahoma!

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